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Richard Pickett
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Everyone wants to get free traffic to their website. The problem is not very many people know how to get it.

Hi, I'm Richard Pickett and I've uncovered a scientific principal that will flood your site with traffic. And I've developed a secret tool that everyone is using to drive free traffic to their sites.

The person that invited you to come to this page is already getting free traffic sent to their site. Each person that visits this tool are here by invite only. The reason your friend invited you is because they're already getting free traffic, and it will only grow with time!

Over 1,000,000 million visitors should be coming to your site alone. Are you ready for that much traffic?

Can You get free traffic?

YES! You to can have 1,000,000 visitors come to your website! It doesn't matter what type of site you are trying to promote. This free tool will work with any site:

  • Product pages
  • Service pages
  • Civic groups
  • Fundraising sites
  • Myspace/Facebook/twitter profiles
  • Personal websites
  • etc

Imagine for a moment what you would actually do with 1,000,000 visitors flooding into your site.

Well, that's not just your imagination any more. Many people are using this exact tool to do that - and you've been invited to do the same!

How This Tool Works

At the bottom of this page you'll find 6 websites. Each website is from 6 people who already signed up. The link on the top is from the person who sent you here to the site. When you enter your website below, you get a special link to this tool just like the link that brought you here. When your friends come to your special page they see the same list of websites that you see below, except your website is on top and each website has moved down to the next level.

You send the link to your special page to all your contacts. The more in your list, the better! When they come to this page and enter their website in the form below, they get a special page like yours, only now their link is #1 and yours has moved to #2. In order to be able to add their website to the list they had to visit each website in the list for at least 15 seconds - that means they visit your website for 15 seconds.

You may be saying "OK, so how does this equal 1 Million Visitors? All I see is my friends coming to the site and I don't have 1 Million friends."

Good question. Let's use an example that only 10 of your contacts decide they want free traffic and enter their website in the form below. We know this number is unreasonably low - you'll get a lot more than just 10, but it makes for easy math.

Again let's just say only 10 of their friends want to advertise their site for free. Your 10 friends brought 10 each, that's 100 visitors - and it just got started.

As you can see, this goes on for 6 levels, here's a breakdown of each level and the number of unique visitors that will visit your site:


Level 110Visitors
Level 2100Visitors
Level 31,000Visitors
Level 410,000Visitors
Level 5100,000Visitors
Level 61,000,000Visitors

But you'll get more traffic than 1 Million Visitors!

There are two reasons you can get more than 1 Million Unique Visitors for free:

  • Remember, we only calculated 10 people using the free tool at each level, but we know more than 10 will want free traffic, so our conservative number will be much smaller than the actual number of people that will visit your site. We count how many visits each site gets and it's a lot more than 1,000,000!
  • Send your link to new people you meet - a lot of people are using their twitter and facebook accounts to continue to drive traffic to their special link. Each person that signs up for the free traffic from your link will send over 100,000 new unique visitors to your site!


How To Start Your Flood of Traffic

1.Visit each of the websites listed below. They will open in a new window.
2.At the top of each website you'll se a counter counting down 15 seconds. At the end of 15 seconds you'll see a code appear. That code will automatically fill in on the form below (give it about 10 seconds).
3.If the codes don't automatically fill in, you can copy and paste them directly yourself.
4.Enter your email address, your password twice, the link to your website and a short description. Press 'Create My Account'.
5.You will receive an email confirmation. Click the link to activate your special page.
6.You will receive several emails. One email has the link to your special page. One has a link back to this website so you can edit your information.
7.You will want to send this link to all your friends - put it up on facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. The more you send it around, the more traffic you will receive. The person who referred you to this tool is already receiving their free traffic - you using this tool is proof of that!
8.The more people you send your special page to, the more traffic you will have come to your site.


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